With SimpleTime, watch the savings add up! Using our team management and automated time and attendance solutions, you’ll reduce the time it takes to capture and record hours worked, reduce data entry errors, and pay more accurately for the time actually worked by employees.

SimpleTime gives you the power to:

  • Better monitor and manage overtime.
  • Administer complex federal & state labor regulations.
  • Automate the time and attendance process.
  • Eliminate errors, rounding, and any fudging by employees.
  • Increase your company’s payroll process productivity.


SimpleSource’s (SimpleTime?) mid-market solution gives you additional power to:

  • Create custom time approval workflows.
  • Schedule employee work shifts
  • Track accruals at the time clock level.
  • Create & manage work schedules.
  • Manage Time Off and Leave requests.
  • Deploy biometric clocks to eliminate “buddy” punching.

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